Volkswagen Essential Servicing

The absolute essentials for your 4+ year old vehicle

Keep the good times rolling

Keep enjoying your Volkswagen at its best with our Essential Service range1. Now available for Volkswagen 4 years and over and with two service options to choose from, Essential Service and Essential Service Plus. Our technicians will provide the best possible care to keep your vehicle running smoothly at an affordable price to match.

Looking to save even more? Check our 4Plus Care Plans.

The Volkswagen service advantage

Our Essential Service range gives you complete confidence knowing your Volkswagen will get a quality service at a fair price.

  1. Genuine and affordable
    We use Volkswagen Genuine Parts® which come with 2-year warranty2.
  2. Complete Confidence
    Only Volkswagen technicians will complete your services.
  3. Maintain value
    If the time comes and you’d like to sell your Volkswagen, you can provide future buyers with a complete service history.
  4. Convenient Locations
    Flexibility to service with any Volkswagen dealer across Australia.

What’s included?

What you can expect from our Essential Service and Essential Service Plus.


Essential Service

Your cost efficient peace of mind

The Essential Service is the best option to keep your Volkswagen running smoothly.

  • Genuine Volkswagen Oil and Filter replacement
  • Volkswagen’s Safety and Diagnostic Check
  • Reset service interval display
  • Logbook stamp

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Essential Service Plus

A little more for your beloved Volkswagen

The Essential Service Plus is for those needing a little more with their service.

  • Genuine Volkswagen Oil and Filter replacement
  • Volkswagen’s Safety and Diagnostic Check
  • Reset service interval display
  • Logbook stamp


  • Pollen filter replacement
  • Brake fluid replacement

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Can I purchase an Essential Service?

You are eligible to purchase an Essential Service if your Volkswagen: 

  • is between 4 and 15 years;
  • has travelled over 60,000km (80,000km for Crafter models).

Nothing says ‘I still love you’ like a 4Plus Care Plan

A 4Plus Care Plan3 saves you the hassle when your next service rolls around. It works by bundling your services together in either a 2-year or 4-year plan saving you up to 25% depending on your plan.

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