For a genuinly happy car

Nobody knows Volkswagens better than, well, us. That’s why the only way to ensure your car stays 100% happy is to choose Volkswagen Genuine Parts.

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Volkswagen Genuine Parts®


We use the parts that come installed in new Volkswagens so even after repair or maintenance work, your car is still 100% original. For added confidence, Genuine Parts come with a 2 year warranty.

Volkswagen Economy Parts


For cars older than four years we offer parts and complete packages, including installation. Of course, in Volkswagen quality and for up to 30% less.

Volkswagen Remanufactured Parts


When Volkswagen Genuine Parts® eventually wear out, they are still valuable. By recycling used parts, we can offer parts at a fraction of the cost with the same high quality you’d expect. Rigorous tests are performed to ensure all parts perform as new. By choosing Remanufactured Parts, you’re not only saving money but also helping the environment.

Specially made for Volkswagens


Genuine batteries

Our Genuine Batteries are specifically designed for Volkswagens to prevent breakdowns. With our products, you’ll reap the benefits of both quality and functionality.

Your benefits

  • Delivers exactly the right amount of energy your car needs.
  • 2 year warranty1.

When is it time for a battery change?

There are many factors that determine when it’s time for a change. When you visit your Volkswagen Dealer for a service, your car’s battery will be checked by our Volkswagen technicians.

How much does a car battery cost?

Volkswagen battery prices vary depending on your car’s needs. The old battery is removed and correctly disposed of. The new car battery is then professionally installed and connected.


Air & pollen filters

Whether it’s air or pollen our genuine filters can stop harmful substances from getting into your engine and cabin.

Your benefits

  • Protects against fine dust, pollen, soot, allergens and aerosols.
  • Keeps your car’s cabin dust and soot free, reducing fatigue and improving concentration.
  • Prevents the growth of mould and bacteria in your air conditioning.

Oil filters

The oil quality and performance of your engine is maintained by oil filters.

Your benefits

  • Ensures your car’s engine running as it should by keeping the oil clean.

Genuine brakes

Brakes are among the hardest working parts of your car. That’s why brake pad replacement and maintenance is crucial to your safety. Our brakes are specifically made to suit your car.

Your benefits

  • Shorter braking distances keeping you safer.
  • Developed and tailored for your car.

Windscreen wipers

Clear vision in all weather conditions is key to safety. UV rays, dirt and extreme temperatures are just some of the tough conditions your wiper blades are exposed to. However, not many drivers change their wipers until their vision is smeared. Just remember, your rear window wipers are just as important.

Your benefits

  • Consistent and long-lasting cleaning quality
  • Integrated precision straighteners ensure perfect fit with the curve of your windscreen for optimal results

Timing belts

Timing belts ensure the parts of your engine are working smoothly together.

Why should it be inspected regularly and changed in good time?

An old or very worn timing belt may tear and cause extensive engine damage. When your car comes in to your Volkswagen Dealer for a service, our technicians inspect your timing belt to ensure it’s in good condition.

When is it time to change the timing belt?

Our Volkswagen technicians know the exact timing belt replacement intervals for your car, making sure the engine is always running smoothly.

Engine Oil

Engine oils keeps your engine well lubricated – keeping your car healthy. Our Volkswagen engine oil specifications ensures smooth engine performance and a long engine life – that’s why it’s critical your engine has the right oil.


Your benefits

  • Specifically developed for your car’s engine
  • Prolongs the engine’s life
  • Reduces wear and tear
  • Cleans the engine and prevents harmful deposits
  • Protects against acid corrosion
  • Helps cool engine parts that coolant doesn’t reach

When should I change my engine oil?

Your owner’s manual will tell you when it’s time to have your engine oil changed.

Why do I need to change my engine oil?

Engine oil battles against huge pressure, resistance and temperatures. Even the best oil wears out with time so it’s important to get it checked.

Do I need to change the oil filter at the same time?

The oil filter collects the combustion residue and dirt the oil absorbs in the engine which clogs up over time. For a long engine life, you should change the filter as well.

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