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Your business success is our success

Whether you’re a sole trader or large company, business vehicle finance with Volkswagen Financial Services is easy. We’ll help tailor your vehicle finance to suit your needs so the best business outcome is achieved at a competitive price1.

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Flexible business finance options

Volkswagen Financial Services has a range of tax-effective solutions to help with your business: Chattel Mortgage or Finance Lease. See the below table to see what’s included.


Chattel Mortgage

Finance Lease



Residual or balloon payment at the end of the term



Tax-deductible repayments


Tax-deductible depreciation


Tax-deductible interest


GST is payable on the cost of the asset


GST is payable on the repayments


The difference between financing vs leasing for businesses

It’s the age-old question for owners of growing businesses – is it better to buy or lease my company vehicle? The short answer is, it depends.

Buying a car is a significant outlay for your business, and monthly lease payments are generally less than car loan payments – in addition to usually being tax deductable. This makes leasing the most popular option amongst business owners.

However, there are some significant benefits to owning your business car. It means you’re in possession of a long-term asset with the potential for more tax deductions. You also can write off your petrol, mileage and maintenance expenses in addition to your interest payments on a car loan also qualifying as eligible business expenses. You’ll also enjoy lower insurance and liability rates on vehicles owned by your business. Additionally, leasing tends to cost more in the long run, and while the monthly payments may be more affordable – they don’t add up to an asset for your business.

It’s well worth doing a cost-benefit analysis before you commit either way, taking note of the car’s total cost over the car loan or lease term including:

  • Monthly payments, including interest
  • Anticipated mileage
  • Maintenance, fuel, insurance, parking and other related costs
  • The value of the car at the end of the lease vs. the ownership period.

Your benefits

  • No annual charges or account keeping fees.
  • Option to bundle your registration, Compulsory Third Party insurance (CTP), comprehensive insurance and on-road costs with your monthly payments.
  • Monthly repayments reduced by adding a balloon payment at the end of your loan or paying a deposit.
  • Flexible payment options that suit your business cash flow: weekly, fortnightly or monthly by direct debit or BPAY.

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